Hand Instrumentation: Ergonomics & Advanced Techniques

This new online course is designed to delve deeper into the theoretical and practical aspects of hand-activated periodontal instrumentation.

How to Reduce and Prevent Discomfort, Fatigue, Injury, Stress, Burnout and Breakdown

Armed only with the humble hand-instrument, many of us have now returned to work and starting to feel the strain of non-AGP's to treat periodontal disease.  I have heard from so many clinicians who are experiencing extreme levels of fatigue and suffering from numb fingers, aching backs and wrist, shoulder and neck pain.

Treating patients is challenging at the best of times, even when we have all our powered devices, therefore, it is not surprising that sole reliance on hand instruments creates an additional strain on the operator.  So now, more than ever, we need to have a strategic approach to deliver care and look to the advanced instrumentation techniques to ensure a productive, yet ergonomic way of working.

I have developed this training session to help clinicians reduce and prevent discomfort, fatigue, injury, stress, burnout and breakdown.

During this course I will teach strategies to improve your posture during instrumentation.  We will discuss positioning of the patient, the light, foot pedal and bracket table proximity, and finally discuss and simulate advanced fulcrumming techniques to increase access to those challenging sites you dread!  We will also discuss how to stay positive in a world gone mad and how we can work smarter not harder and still get excellent clinical results.

What You Will Learn :

1.  The theory of hand-activated periodontal instrumentation.  
2.  Area Specific Instrumentation Techniques
3.  Techniques to master the 3 A's of effective periodontal instrumentation.
4.  My top tips to maximise your 'limited and precious' time
5.  About my reduced set of instruments to get you back in the saddle, the 'Comeback Kit'.

You will Receive :

  • Pre-Reading Material
  • Reflective Workbook
  • Ergonomic Demonstration Video
  • Stretching guide for dental professionals
3 Hours of CPD Certification 

Course Contents & Resources


Claire McCarthy


Claire McCarthy teaches Periodontology & Implant Dentistry at NYU in New York where she is adjunct professor and course coordinator since 2014.

She has graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2000 and has a combined 24 years clinical experience and 17 years as a researcher and faculty on BDS undergraduate programmes, Postgraduate MSc in Periodontology, Implant Dentistry and undergraduate Dental Hygiene and Therapy programmes in the UK and the US.

She is the former head of the BDS year 2 periodontology programme at King’s College London, a rare position for a dental hygienist.

She completed a master’s degree in Higher Education in 2007 and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

She lectures nationally and internationally as well as delivering training courses in non-surgical periodontal and implant therapies. She is contributing author of a recent textbook, treats patients in private practice and undertaking a PhD at Kings College London.
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